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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!! 明けましておめでとうううう!!!

Ohoo new year again...this year is a fire monkey year based on chinesse calendar right? May this year we can be better.
New resolution anyone? I'm just going to be better year by year. Amin.
Be healthy and getting fit is my #1 resolution for this year, wish I can drop a few -or maybe a lot- of pounds this year haha. Whyy? Bcos I realized the happy life comes from healthy life. If you in a good health, your work will going well (it means u can get money) and u can travel to anywhere and you can meet ur family friend and ur loved ones.
#2 wish is I hope my and my besties travelling plan is going well. We are going to vacation on february and may. Yayyyyy really hyped bout these while my budget is still ooh ahh  hahaha slowly to keep up eh but I already had the tickets!

Well besides there. Like a past year I really wish and trying to get a better life with move to the new job.. Hope can move to the better place this year andd last but not least.. please let me meet my future husband ahaha. Yeah I'm already old enough to build a family and many annoying question and many wedding invitation from my friends.. but no worry. We will meet by destiny from God. Haha. Amin.

Ahh enough.. once again Happy new year! Shiawase ni naru! Haengbok haseyo! Be happy!

Tags: greeting, life, story

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