the most favourite song part 1

heloo want to share this song, I really love this song althought the meaning is about separated, but beautiful separated. why I share this lyric? because I just watched HnA final episode and they used still as bgm :'). this work credit to yarukizero sankyuuu

- Still...

"Itsuka…" kimi ga itta Wasuresou na sono kotoba wo omoidashiteita
Michi no ue de kisetsu wo yobu Kaze ga tomaru
Soshite kimi no koe de ware ni kaeru Itsumo no kurashi wa tsudzuiteiru
Nanimo kamo ga kagayaiteta ano hi kara

Tobira wo tozashitara Kiete shimai souna kotoba kari da
Sunao ni narenakute satte itta hakanai mainichi

Tabun ano toki bokura wa aruki dashitanda Tagai ni chigau michi wo
Itsuka ano omoi ga kagayaki hanatsu toki made
Sharin ga mawari dashitara Tabi wa hajimatte shimau kara
Mou hagurenai you ni
Kako wo sotto dakishimeru

Zutto kakushiteita himitsu datte Kimi dake ni wa tsutaeta kitanda
Donna toki mo boku no subete Tabun mada…

Sawagashii machinami Surechigatte yuku na mo shiranai hito
Minna sou taisetsu na dareka ga ite mune wo kogashiteru

Kakaeta mono no oosa ni tsuburesou na sono toki ni wa Omoidashite
Zutto tsunaide kita Sono te wa uso janai kara
Modoreru hazu mo nai hi ga itooshii yo Demo ashita mo bokutachi wo matteiru
Doko e datte mada yukeru

“Ano hi kimi wa boku ni nante ittetakke…”
Nante ittatte mou kankei nai ne
Sanzan atte Dandan wakatte Kisetsu semari kite sanzan naite
Kimi wa kimi Yume dekkaku egaite
Boku wa koko kara seikou wo negatteru

"Matteru dake ja ashita wa nai kara
Ugoita koko ja hajimaranai kara"

Saki no mienai kurai dorou mo
Sore ga tatoe ukairo demo
Ima wa sukoshi futari to mo
Tsurai hyoujou Shimatte okou

Kore wa wakare dewa nai Deai tachi to no mata arata na hajimari
Tada boku wa nao anata ni aitai
Itsuka waratte mata saikai Sou zettai

Tabun ano toki bokura wa aruki dashitanda Tagai ni chigau michi wo
Itsuka futari de atta imi ga wakaru toki made
Sharin ga mawari dashitara Tabi wa hajimatte shimao kara
Mou hagurenai you ni Kako wo sotto dakishimeru


"Someday" I remembered that word you said which seemed easy to forget
On a path, the wind that would call the seasons stops
Then, I come to my senses thanks to your voice and continue my usual way of living
Just about everything has been shining since that day

If you close the door, then it seems like everything will just completely disappear
Every day passed quickly as I couldn't get familiar with being honest

Probably, we started walking at that time Each on our different roads
Until someday when those feelings would emit a radiance
If the wheels start to turn, then the journey will completely begin
So that I won't get lost again, I'll gently hold onto my past

Even though it was a secret I'd kept hidden for a long time, I was able to tell it only to you
No matter when, telling you everything about me, I probably couldn't do it yet…

On the noisy streets, I'm passing by people whose names I don't know
Everyone looks like they are yearning for someone important to them

When I was carrying so many things it seemed like they'd get crushed, I remembered at that moment
We're always connected Because that hand isn't a lie
Days that shouldn't be able to return are precious But tomorrow is waiting for us too
We can still go anywhere

“That day, I think you were trying to say something to me…”
Even if I told you what, it doesn't matter anymore
Meeting with difficulty Gradually understanding Crying terribly as the seasons drew near
You are you Drawing your huge dreams
From here, I'll be hoping for your success
"If I'm only waiting, then there will be no tomorrow
I moved because nothing will start from here"

Even the dark road from before that I couldn't see
Even if that was, for example, a detour
Now, for a little while, let's both leave behind our painful expressions

This isn't goodbye Our meetings are another new beginning
But I want to meet you even more
I still do…
Someday we'll meet again and laugh That's right, absolutely

Probably, we started walking at that time Each on our different roads
Until someday when we understand the reason the two of us met
If the wheels start to turn, then the journey will completely begin
So that I won't get lost again, I'll gently hold onto my past

FYI, my tears keep fell down when this song played when I left my journey in semarang. I don't even know why I cried that time. I really have a lot of lovable person in there and lovable memories. This song, actually, I want to give to my friend who want to study abroad as a memory but I cancel it bcos I cant meet him. and now I'm touched bcos this song used in HnA final episode.. its really make me sad "ahhh no more arashi chan ;(( but they end beautifuly.
arigatou arashi chan for sang this sad yet beautiful song.

this is the link if u want to download it (even, i know all of u already have hahaha) Arashi-Still...

The meaning of nickname

Well just random thought in the middle of the nite.

Actually, i have been feeling like this since long ago. But just realise when now Im living separated from my college friends.

Now, everytime my friends text/mention me in soc med/sms. I can feel the different.

When someone called mut or mutia. "ah that just friend who know me"
When someone called mute, "they are my friend. Really my friend who know me in personal. But i feel a lil distance
So, when I feel closer to someone?? Thats when someone called me the name who he/her created just for me. There are meu, meu chan, mumu,mu,me even mon

Hahaha maybe it seems weird but there are mean something for me :D

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Layout Tutorial

okee ini requestsan dr ritchuuki

1. buka community layout. kalo mau arashi pake rainbowdump atau mooboohlayouts

nah itu kan ada tahap 1-4. PERTAMA CARI THEME yang dibilang. FLEXIBLE SQUARE. sekarang ke setting LJ mu.

tut 2
oke. udh dipilih apply theme teserah.


scroll lagi di setting lj mu

tut 3
sip. udah di apply. sekarang tahap 3 tinggal ke custom CSS

pilih customize ur theme.. trus ntr pilih custom css. tampilannya jd kayak gini



SEMOGA BERMANFAAT~~~ klo masih ga bisa komen aja. klo gambar masih ga pas..biasanya ksalahan ada di tahap 1 dan 2 ya

(no subject)

On a personal note, Matsujun, from the national idol group Arashi, came up to me with an angel smile* and said, “Hey, we have the same birthday~” I was blown away! So that made a wonderful day.-GOLDEN BOMBER MEMBER UTAHIROBA

Review for LJ android app.

Hello.. Fyi, Im android user. I tried many app for LJ in my droid.

So.. Want to share my opinion.


Ahhh this app is the best for ONLY posting. U can upload photo too. Add user in post.

Unfortunately, no one action other than posting in this app.

LiveJournal Official application

As usual, the official app lack in some aspect.
(+) view friends page
(+) posting with mood,music,upload menu

(-) pics in friend page too small and loading too long.
(-) cant check messages, add friend n other setting.


Seems the best app so far.
(+) light
(+) clear display
(+) posting
(+) filter friend page

(-) cant check inbox
(-) no upload menu in posting

I installed Eljay n LjBeetle.
Hope in future the apps for LJ will be better.. Esp. Can check inbox.

Okaaay. DONE!

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k8 quiz!

Your best K8 match is: Okura Tadayoshi!
Your best K8 match is: Okura Tadayoshi!
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Congratulations, your K8 love match is the sultry and serene Okura Tadayoshi!

Considered one of the heartthrobs of K8, Tada is tall and gorgeous. But Tada is more than just a pretty boy. He's an exceptional drummer, and a pretty damn good dancer and singer too. He's pretty quiet though so you'll either have to learn to appreciate the silence or talk enough for the both of you. Despite his quiet and often infuriatingly calm character, Tada can and does become excited. When he does, Tada goes from being cool and laid back to dorky and very cute. And nothing makes this guy go into dorky little boy mode quicker than food, his one true love. So hopefully you are an amazing cook or at least know where all the good restaurants in town are. Tada can also be quite romantic and he's pretty accommodating. When you're with him he'll probably go along with just about anything you decide. But when he's set his mind on not doing something, often it will be hard to convince him otherwise. And despite his seeming spaciness Tada is no airhead and while other people are yapping away Tada is quietly observing his surroundings. A calming and relaxing presence, Tada hasn't an aggressive bone in his body. And he's the perfect match for the low tension and laid back girl that is you.

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